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I'm a little unclear. Can anyone tell me the benefits and issues with using MOC over CUCIMOC (and visa versa) when it comes to VOICE?


Re: CUCIMOC vs MOC Voice

CUCIMOC is a MOC plugin that provides softphone functionality and hardphone control via CUCM without requiring Cisco Unified Presence.

The alternative to the is to use MOC with Remote Call Control (RCC) which requires Cisco Unified Presence and lacks many of the CUCIMOC features.

The choice is really down to whether you want the use CUPS or OCS as your Presence solution.


Re: CUCIMOC vs MOC Voice

MOC and CUCIMOC cannot be compared in parallel.

CUCIMOC is a plug-in of MOC. CUCIMOC *cannot* work without MOC.

So I guess you were asking CUCIMOC vs. MOC RCC. If that's the case, here's the difference:

1) MOC RCC requires CUPS. CUCIMOC doesn't.

2) MOC RCC can do domain federation. CUCIMOC cannot.


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Re: CUCIMOC vs MOC Voice

Many thanks for reply.

a) Using MOC with RCC for call control. I have heard rumours that this complicates and gives performance issues when routing calls? Is this correct?

b) Using CUCiMOC, does this still show Preence of CUCM Users? Even though there is no CUPS requirement?

c) We are CUWL Licenced, so if we were to use OCS via CUCiMOC, what is required additionally on CUCM Cluster? HW\SW investment?

d) In your experience, what is best way to go? We have a big investment in MS and have an ongoing project to implement OCS to replace IM. OCS has been muted as requirement because f Sharepoint 2007 investment (which CUPS has no awareness of).

Many thanks

New Member

Re: CUCIMOC vs MOC Voice

We are battling with MS OCS integration with CUCM, not a nice experience thus far so we are testing CUCIMOC;

a) You can switch off RCC on MOC as CUCIMOC now controls the phone. CUCIMOC also gives you a softphone which is your regular CUCM number.

b) CUCIMOC takes the place of CUPS, once CUCIMOC is installed on each MOC user PC, presence is available for that user when the handset is used.

c) No hardware requirement just 3 DLU's if only CUCIMOC is used (as a primary phone) or 1 adjunct license when you configure the CSF device with a primary phone (Cisco 79XX handset SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX).

d) unfortunately MS OCS are carrying out aggressive marketing and many organisations will be looking for the best integration to leverage investment from their Cisco VoIP infrastructure. CUCIMOC is the best we can work with at present as it doesn't upset the existing CUCM dial-plans.

I hope this is helpful.

Re: CUCIMOC vs MOC Voice

a) It is not as straightforward as it could be but it is possible to get it working satisfactorily. If you are deploying Cisco Presnce I would recommend that you buy "Deploying Cisco Unified Presence" by Michael Luo who replied to this thread earlier.

b) You can see other OCS users and if they have CUCIMOC you can see whether they are on the phone. You cannot see the status of CUCM users that do not use CUCIMOC.

c) Under CUWL you can move from whatever softphone option you chose at point of order to CUCIMOC for no charge. The licensing is honour based so you can test CUCIMOC without needing PAK codes etc. If you decide to go with CUCIMOC there are part codes available on the Product Upgrade Tool that you can select to inform Cisco of the licensing change.

d) It depends what you want from presence. If it is end user softphone/phone control, click to dial and IM capability then CUCIMOC is probably ok. If you want to use presence enabled operator consoles contact centers etc. then Cisco presence would be required.

The new version of Cisco Unified Personal Communicator that will ship with UC8 in Q1 2010 will apparently be a big improvement on the current UC7 product so this may open up another option for you in the near future.

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Re: CUCIMOC vs MOC Voice

How does the voicemail work with CUCIMOC? Fox example, OCS with Exchange 2007 and CUCM with Unity Connection, if no answer, the call will be forwarded to Exchange or Unity Connection?

For MOC/CUCM users that use CUCIMOC, does OCS or CUCM perform the call control? or both do? If only CUCM control the call, does it mean losing all conferencing features of OCS?


Re: CUCIMOC vs MOC Voice

How the voicemail work depends who has the call control.

For CUCIMOC, it's the CUCM that has call control.  On CUCM, you may configure a voicemail pilot number, which can point to *any* voicemail system (Unity, Exchange, Avaya, etc.).

Hope this helps!


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