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CUCM 4.1 to 8.5 migration.

We have an CUCM 4.1 running on only one 7825 server.

We want make upgrade  to 8.6 version without hardware changes.

After reading documentation,  i have got following plan:

1) Download DMA Tool from Cisco website

2) Install and run it on CUCM publsiher

3) At the end of process, i will recieve a license file

4) Write a letter on, with question about migration and license

file converting

5) After receiving upgraded license file, run 7.1 installation with option "Upgrade

ffrom Windows". It will ask you about license file, specify path to it.

I have several questions:

- How can i get 7.1 installation cd?

- Which p/n and which steps i need to complete migration from 7.1 to 8.6?

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CUCM 4.1 to 8.5 migration.

Eww...  That process sounds a little scary quite honestly.  I would double check first and foremost that the hardware you are using can support 8.6.  If I am not mistaken, it has beefy memory and CPU requirements, and if you are running 4.1, I would imagine the MCS server is pretty old.  Also, going from 4.1 to 8.6 I believe you will have to do a stepped upgrade.  I can't remember exactly, but my guess is you would have to go from 4.1 to 5.x then to 8.6...or something similiar.

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CUCM 4.1 to 8.5 migration.

Hi Evgeniy,

I'll just add my bit to the good info from Jeremiah (+5 ) He is most correct about the server

support aspect of this so check below;

This will be a very complex process which will need to be broken up into

a number of distinct steps

The fist step for the CUCM upgrade path will be to move from 4.x to 7.x so you can leverage

the DMA upgrade/files. So I would break this down to securing a perfect DMA

.tarball (work with TAC to correct ANY errors) then the 7.x upgrade......let things

get working for a bit before the 8.6 upgrade.

This doc has the required steps for this 4.x to 7.x upgrade;

Upgrading to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 7.1(2) from 4.x Releases

First step will be to create the DMA files. These files will then be

used when you go to do your CUCM 7.1(x) build. The DMA (Data Migration Assistant) files will

allow you to move your data from the Windows 4.x build to the new Linux 7.x build.Here is the requisite info for DMA;

Data Migration Assistant User Guide

You will have to determine what version you current servers will support this is the "master" list for Server support;

Supported Cisco Unified Communications Manager Releases by Server

You will need to work with Cisco either directly via your SE, a Partner or

PUT (product upgrade tool) to secure the DVD's and pay for the proper licenses

that will enable the Software feature License for your new version.

PUT  (

Check out this great doc from Saurabh for the refresh upgrade notes for the final step to 8.6.

This Refresh Upgrade will also apply to your CUCM 8.6 final step;

Have a read of the attached .ppt as it has some really good info

Best of luck!



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Re: CUCM 4.1 to 8.5 migration.

Good advice from both Jeremiah and Rob.

I have done this migration before with new hardware with much help from these boards (thanks again Rob!) and you have to make sure you do your research.  Check those links Rob provided.

I think your biggest challenge will be hardware compatibility of 8.6 on your existing server and obtaining the proper media to install 7.x.

To answer your specific questions:

- How can i get 7.1 installation cd?

This should be part of the upgrade kit you'll receive. Discuss this with your Cisco partner when ordering the upgrade licensing, etc.

- Which p/n and which steps i need to complete migration from 7.1 to 8.6?

Once you get to 7.1 going to 8.6 is a piece of cake.  Just go to OS Administration, install upgrade, and point it to where ever you have the 8.6 media (iso image via ftp, dvd) and that's it for the OS.

Make sure you plan everything and have the proper media versions, license info, etc. before starting out. 

Also, you don't mention anything for voicemail.  If you're not using voicemail that's not an issue. If you are you need to make sure that whatever you're using will be compatible with CUCM 8.6.  If you're using Unity that was installed at the same time as your 4.1 CUCM server you'll need to upgrade that as well.

Review your entire telephony environment and evaluate how upgrading just the CUCM server will affect everything else.  You don't want to have a successful upgrade of CUCM turn into a disaster because now voicemail doesn't work or because now faxing is broken.

Planning is key.

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CUCM 4.1 to 8.5 migration.

Hi Evgeniy,

Greg is right on the money here (+5 "G-man" )

"Planning is key"

This matrix shows all the info for Unity/CUCM Compatibility;

SCCP Compatibility Matrix: Cisco Unity, the Cisco Unity-CM TSP, Cisco Unified CM, and Cisco Unified CM Express



"Everything is broken" - Bob Dylan

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