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CUCM 6.0.1 coverage path - transfer to voicemail problem

Recently I ran into a problem where some DNs in our 29XX range will not transfer to a specific destination DN voicemail account via the coverage path fields.

These "problem" DNs will instead just transfer to the general Unity voicemail system but not to the specific DN/Unity account I am pointing them to.

The transfer number string I am using is #0 (indicating transfer to voicemail) followed by a destination it is in this format #0XXXX.

So for example DN 29XX would have a coverage path point to #0XXXX if a call is not answered, busy, etc...

This type of coverage path is working fine for several end users already at other locations.

However so far I have run into these two 29XX range DNs where I cannot get this type of coverage path transfer to work properly.

Since both of these "problem" DNs are in the same 29XX DID range/Device Pool/Location, etc, I am thinking that something related to this location is the source of the trouble.

Regular voicemail works fine for all DNs at all locations throughout our cluster and manually dialing #0XXXX to leave a voicemail for any DNs at any location throughout our cluster works fine as well.

Any ideas on where to look?

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Re: CUCM 6.0.1 coverage path - transfer to voicemail problem

I had one of the end users make a test call and he manually dial #0XXXX for two different DNs and both times he was able to leave a VM message.

The DN he used for the test calls is the same DN that fails when I set it to transfer to #0XXXX number in the coverage path field.

Has anybody ever run into this particular problem before?

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