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CUCM 8.5 License

Dear Cisco Support,

I just order the CUCM 8.5 with 120 cisco 3745G. My order was like this :-

Part number                                         Qty


CUCM-USR-LIC                                  1

LIC-CUCM-USR-A                               120

UCSS-UCM-1-1-A                                120

CUCM-UCS-1000-86                            1

IME-7825-86                                         1

CCX-85-CMBUNDLE-K9                        1

CM86-UCS-1000-KIT                             1

CUCM-PAK                                          1

CUCM-USR                                          840

IME-7825-86-KIT                                  1

IME-7825-NODE                                  1

UCM-S-UCS-NODE                             1

UCSS-UCM-PAK                                 1

MCS7845I3-K9-CMD2B                        2

CAB-ACE                                           4

CCX-85-CMBUNDLE-K9                       2

CUCMS-EVAL-K9                                2

CP-7945G=                                        120

As i read about the CUCM licencing, we need the licence unit for every phone but i didn't find the units in order. I want to know that my order is right or i need more units ? because I want to connect 120, CP-7945G ephone.

Your fast response will highly appreciate

Community Member

CUCM 8.5 License

Hey Mukesh,

As far as I can see you have 120 user license. So I am pretty sure you are covered?

LIC-CUCM-USR-A                               120

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Shibly Ibrahim

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CUCM 8.5 License

The 840 is the number of DLUs you will receive.     When you use 7945, it will take up 4 DLUs per phone.  4x120=480 DLUs.  You will have spares.

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