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CUCM 9.1 and third party call center integration over SIP trunk

Hi All,


I have a question regarding a failover of SIP trunks to a third party call center.

We have setup the integration and works fine. However we are trying to setup Survivability once the SIP trunk to the third party fails, we would like to route calls to CUCM hunt groups.

Here is a brief facts of the current setup.

- All calls from the Agent phones is routed via the contact center, this was asked for the purpose of Reporting.

- All calls to the Agents is routed via the contact center, this was asked for the purpose of Reporting.


What we are hoping to achieve is if the SIP trunks fail or the contact center fails, we would like to be able to fail to CUCM hunt groups. And calls for any local extension or hunt groups to go directly.


What will be the best way to achieve this?



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Well, there is no easy way to

Well, there is no easy way to do this automatically as SIP trunk indicates the call goes via a route pattern --> route list --> route group and your only redundancy would be to have another route group pointing somewhere else, obviously a route group needs to point to GW/Trunk and not a hunt pilot, so your only option would be to hairpin the call through a trunk or GW of some kind, i.e. build a GW with dial-peers that loop back to CUCM and then trigger the hunt pilot, for example if the call center destination is 2000, the dial-peer with destination-pattern 2000 would be triggered and re-directed back to CUCM, you would translate the call as it enters CUCM (via dedicated CSS on the trunk pointing to TP) and then the hunt pilot would be matched.



Chris, could one build a

Chris, could one build a loopback ICT to one's own self?  E.g., Create ICT non Gatekeeper and point the IP Addresses at the Subs of the same cluster.  Just make sure the CSS can reach the Hunt Pilot.

Anthony Holloway

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Hmm, honestly I never thought

Hmm, honestly I never thought about this and cannot make up my mind deciding if this would work or not, I suppose it's worth trying :-)


Hi.Just to satisfy my


Just to satisfy my curiosity :)

I have a single node cluster and I created sip two sip trunks one with an unreachable IP  address (let's say Trunk_A) and one with my CUCM's ip address (let's say Trunk_B)

-I created a partition From_CUCM and a CSS CSS_FROM_CUCM where I have assigned From_CUCM partition only. This CSS has been assigned to  Trunk_B as incoming CSS

- Created a route group RG_A with top/down algorithm selecting Trunk_A and Trunk_B in this order.

-Created a Route List RL_A containing RG_A only

-Created a Line Group putting a couple of extensions

-Created an Hunt List and an Hunt Pilot 9000 placed in From_CUCM Partition

-Created a Route Pattern 9000 selecting a partition different from From_CUCM but reachable from my internal extensions, and selected previously created Route List RL_A.



It worked a treat.


Just my 2 cents :)











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Hi All, Great ideas, much

Hi All,


Great ideas, much appreciated.

I should have mentioned, the survivability is not just for hunt groups. Basically to call any other extension on the cluster or outbound calls directly to the local gateway, without going via the contact center.


Great to see Carlo already tested this.

Will it be any chance of a call looping around? And if there is it will be detected by CUCM?


I will give this a shot, creating a SIP trunk to CUCM itself.

Will let you know how I go.







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