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CUCM and Tetra Radio SIP Connection

Hi All,

In our organisation we have put in a CUCM and managed to hook that up with our existing Tetra Radio system via SIP Trunks.

What we want to be able to do is restrict some of our radios to dial internally only and some to be able to call externally and internally.

Eg. any radio with the ID 61XX can call internally and radios with the ID 66XX dial externally.

I'm working with Telstra on this as they're our support for the call manager but they seem to have hit a wall and don't know how to configure it. I don't have full access and can only view settings i can't change any, so any suggestions will have to be relayed to Telstra.

We have 2 SIP Trunks which connects them but Trunk1 is primary and Trunk2 is only used if Trunk1 goes down.

After doing a bit of digging in the call manager, I noticed Telstra created 2 Route Groups for 61XX and 66XX, which is what i would've expected, but I then noticed what he tried to do was set the Route Group Members to each of the two Trunks, He had set Trunk1 to allow internal calls and Trunk2 to external only, this obviously won't work as only Trunk1 is in use at the moment and so all calls will allow internal.

What my question is, is there a way of setting the Trunk (or any other setting) up so that it recognises that the first two digits are 61 and says this can call internal and if it's 66 it can only do external.

Surely there is a way of checking and matching the digits in the number and assigning it a CSS?

Any help will be appreciated.


Shay Trinh

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CUCM and Tetra Radio SIP Connection

Hello Shary

Acually i need your help , we have Tetra and we need to connect CUCM to exchange call between them . as i understood you did this on your organization . i will bw appreciated if you help me to do this


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Re: CUCM and Tetra Radio SIP Connection

Hi Mohamed Hesham, I am interested in this SIP integration between Tetraflex and CUCM.

Do you have any documentation that helps me with this setup?
I will be appreciated if you help me do this!










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