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CUCM and Unity SNMP Strings Not Showing Up

Hi All,

   Any help would greatly be appreciated. We are trying to configure SNMP traps on our CUCM and Unity servers and on the drop down it does not list our already create SNMP strings. So, we try to create the string again, but the system complains that the string already exists! How do we get the string to show up in the drop down so we may select to configure SNMP traps?



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Hi Tom,Which CUCM version are

Hi Tom,

Which CUCM version are you using? I have a similar problem on version 10.5, when I add the strings on the Publisher and tick 'Apply all Nodes', the strings are only added onto the Publisher, and I see an error that the strings already exist on one of the IM&P servers (even though they don't)



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Hi Simon,   The issue I

Hi Simon,

   The issue I posted is actually unrelated, but I do know what you're talking about. We're using version 8.6 and 9.x.

   The issue you're seeing we see as well. It's a bug I'm guessing. For me, the workaround is to simply recreate the SNMP configuration and apply it to each individual server that was missed.

   As for my original issue (posted above/in case anyone has the same problem and wants a solution), is because the SNMP string needs to be ReadyNotify or ReadWriteNotify for it be able to be chosen as an SNMP TRAP string.




Hello Tom, i have the same

Hello Tom, i have the same problem, my CUCM is working whit the version ,did you can fix the problem!? can you find the solve ?



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Did you read my last post? I

Did you read my last post? I posted the solution...

Take it easy man... in didn´t

Take it easy man... in didn´t read very well....however Thanks for you time and help!



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You need to do it from CLI, it seems to be a bug in various versions

do the following individually for each node

utils snmp config 1/2c community-string add "Community name"

utils snmp config 1/2c trap add "Trap destination ip add"


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