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CUCM Bridge upgrade process and new security password


I am upgrading a cluster of 3 CUCM servers and the two subscribers can upgrade ok to version 9 but the publisher server can only bridge upgrade so I was planning to move that to a new server during the upgrade process.

The bridge upgrade process talks about doing the upgade, talking the backup of the cluster, building the new publisher server at the new version with a "NEW" security password, then doing the restore of the new server making sure to remember the "OLD" security password.

My question is when you do the restore, even though you built your new publisher with a "NEW" security password, does the restore change the security password back to the password that was on the original publisher that you took the restore of or do you now need to go and change your two upgraded subscribers to that new security passwork?
The process if very unclear on that.


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Re: CUCM Bridge upgrade process and new security password

In order to DRS restore the server needs to have the same security pwd, review the DRS guide, or the how to replace a server guide.

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CUCM Bridge upgrade process and new security password

Hi Jaime

You need to take a look at the bridge upgrade process.

It says you build your new server with a "New security password that is different from that on the old server" that you took the DRS backup on. I confirmed that with TAC as well. I also performed it with a Presence server where I upgraded presence and took a backup and build a new server with a new security password following the process and when I did the restore, just as the process specifies, it asked for the old security passowrd and the restore went through fine.

What I didn't have a chance to do since I didnt have a second process server was to see if the security password on the new precence server was the new password or the old password.

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