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CUCM & CME licensing


I  know this may seem a strange question but I am struggling to find an  answer to it and am hoping this is the correct place to post the  question and get an answer.

Our  organisation currently has a CUCM cluster. When new phones are needed  the organisation buys the phones and the required number of licenses for  the phones.

Each of the 3 remote sites has a 2851 running in SRST mode if it looses contact with the CUCM servers.

I  know all the theory about CUCM etc but I am new to administration on a  live network. There are a couple of questions which have been asked  lately that I am unclear about.

1.  There are some plans to add 4 more remote sites to the system, the  question has been asked if more phone licenses need to be bought. I have  advised that licenses are bought with the phones (depending on the  phone model). The phones are new not spares so they need the licenses.

2.  If some of the original sites decided to break away from the current  set-up and use their 2851 in CME mode will they need to buy more  licenses for their phones. I was unclear of the position on this but I  did not think it possible to transfer CUCM licenses to CME.

I  am sorry if this is rather a basic question but although I have spent a  bit of time looking through Cisco documentation on licensing I am still  unclear on the answers to these questions.

I would appreciate any help on this or if someone could point me in the direction where I can find the information

Kind Regards

Cisco Employee

CUCM & CME licensing

its not possible to change the CUCM license with CME license.

also, you can check the licensing unity report and unit calculator, if you need new license or not.

if you have enough license in license unit report,  you dn have to buy a license with the new phone.

let me know if it helps!!


Vipul Jindal

Community Member

CUCM & CME licensing

Thank you for the info but I might not have explained myself properly

We dont want to replace CUCM licenses with CME licenses, it is more a case of if one of the remote sites which currently is registered to the CUCM decides to go on their own and use their 2851 gateway as a CME router can the current licenses on the CUCM system be transfered to the CME.

I thought that the CUCM licenses could only be transferred between CUCM systems but I might be wrong

I was also a bit unsure of what type of phone licenses the CME actually needed.

Thanks for your input


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