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CUCM control location address?

We are currently running CUCM 7.2 and are running into a problem. We have 2 building that are connected via bridge. The buildings are tied together via Fiber and both buildings operate off the same data center. If user A calls 911 from their desk and they sit in the same building at the data center then the location address comes up as the correct address. If user B calls 911 from their desk and they sit in the 2nd building that's connected via bridge it comes up as the other building and fire/paramedics/police show up to the wrong building and causes much confusion.

We have 5 PRI's and I was wondering if there is an option in CallManager to push out the location address to send to the telco. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how we could fix this problem without having dedicated PRI's for each building?


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Re: CUCM control location address?

There are lots of vendors out there that can provide various ways to address this. 

The first thing I would do is to contact your service provider and see what e911 options they can provide.  If you have blocks of DID partitioned out to each building you *might* be able to simply have them enable e911 and populate the ALI database with the two different addresses based upon the DID number.  But, if you have any sort of device mobility, then this breaks.

The other option is something like Cisco Emergency Responder:

      Cisco Emergency Responder adds to E911 service by providing location specific information in notifications (email, phone call, text pager) to the on-site security personnel/response team and also aggregates phones based upon location (connected switch port) to ELINs (Emergency Location Identification Number) which can be re-dailed by the PSAP if a call is disconnected.  CER keeps track of the calling party number and the ELIN used and extends the returned call back to the original calling party (DID number).  Because CER maintains its location database based upon switch ports, wired device mobility is supported.  Additionally, there are ways to manage wireless IP phones by assigning each access point to a specific IP subnet and mapping that subnet to an ELIN.  On the service provider site, there is some initial database management that needs to be done, and if you make changes to your facility or DID numbers.

Let me know if this helps or if you need more information.  I recently did some research for a client on this.

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