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CUCM v10 Pre-Pend to 'Missed calls' when using 'Call' soft key

I have CUCM v10.5.2.15900-8 all aspects are working fine. We are fully integrated with Unity Connection, IVR,and internal CM 4 digit DN works 100% except for dialing behavior when a user selects 'Missed calls', scrolls to a 'Missed call' and selects 'Call'


Calls that are missed are successfully placed on that phones 'Missed calls'  list as xxxxxxxxxx


Internally when we call out users need to start with 91 for national calls then they dial the desired number xxxxxxxxxx. The 9 is stripped and the call proceeds as 1xxxxxxxxxx


If I 'Edit dial' I can PrePend 91 and the call goes out successfully 


How do I automatically PrePend 91 to 'Missed calls' when the user selects 'Call' soft key so they successfully go out verses receiving 'Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please consult your directory and call......' ?



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Re: CUCM v10 Pre-Pend to 'Missed calls' when using 'Call' soft key

This is a topic that has been discussed a lot of times before at CSC, have you looked at any of those previous threads on the same topic?



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Re: CUCM v10 Pre-Pend to 'Missed calls' when using 'Call' soft key

I have followed several links on this activity and none have helped


Whenever I add 91 - 9 to get outside 1 for National anywhere in Call Manager Calling Party or Called Party  Transform Mask or Prefix digits in either

Route Group or

Service Parameter Configuration - Call Manager - Advanced - Incoming Calling Party National

We receive the error message described above or

The number received on the called phone is not correct and when this occurs still only works by adding the 91 prefix


When changes have been removed so we are back to the beginning all calls placed to outside go through and are presented correctly however whenever a phone calls into us and is left on 'Missed calls' list that phones national number xxxxxxxxxx is kept and requires the user to select 'Edit dial' to manually prepend 91. When they do the call goes out

Re: CUCM v10 Pre-Pend to 'Missed calls' when using 'Call' soft key

If the calls from the PSTN is passing through a Voice Gateway / CUBE first, I would add the 9 over there. Although you can do it on CUCM also, but personally I'm more used to do it on the voice gateway.


Just add this to your CLI:


voice translation-rule 1
 rule 1 // /9/

voice translation-profile add-prefix-9-to-CID
 translate calling 1

dial-peer voice 2000 voip
 description Outbound VoIP Dial-Peer to CUCMs
 translation-profile outgoing add-prefix-9-to-CID
 session protocol sipv2
 session transport tcp
 voice-class codec 1  
 dtmf-relay rtp-nte
 no vad

Associate this translation profile on the outbound dial-peer towards your CUCM.


If not, you have settings on the SIP Trunk in CUCM under the "Incoming Calling Party Settings", you can prefix the calling party number with 9 over there. I never used it, but I think it also should do the trick.

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