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CUCM10 (BE6K) SIP trunk to VCS: can't see BFCP content channel

Hello there,

we have just deployed a BE6K, with CUCM 10 on board. We have configured a SIP trunk to a VCS-C rel 7.0.2.
On CUCM side we have CTS-500 37, rel 1.10.
On VCS side we have several SX20 rel 6.0 and MCU Codian 4205.
SIP Calls work fine and bidirectionally ,but when we try to share PC content from CTS to MCU or SX20, it is shared using the video channel (not BFCP), we cannot see people and content at the same time.
We have double checked all the configurations on CUCM and VCS (allow BFCP for content sharing is enable on both device and SIP trunk profile).

Do you have any advice? Or are you aware of any know issue\caveat?







Remember on the SIP profile

Remember on the SIP profile to configure it for this and on the Trunk to select the check mark box "Allow Presentation Sharing for BFCP"


You may also want to check the log files in VCS (easier than CUCM) to see if the BFCP is even being presented when the two calls are setup.  You should see a SIP record that its available.  If not, you have a config issue either on VCS or CUCM.

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Try changing the VCS Zone profile for the zone to CUCM to "custom" and set the SIP UDP/BFCP filter mode to "Off"



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