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CUCM6-BE Licensing problem


When i look for the license report in the Unity Connection Administration i see this type of license :

USERS WITH VOICE MAILBOXES LicSubscribersMax 50 0 50


LicIMAPSubscribersMax 10 0 10

CISCO UNITY INBOX USERS LicVMISubscribersMax 10 0 10

TTS AND ASR (ADVANCED) USERS LicAdvancedUserMax 10 0 10

Voice ports LicVoicePortsMax 16 0 16

Text-to-speech sessions LicRealspeakSessionsMax 16 0 16

Voice-recognition sessions LicUnityVoiceRecSessionsMax 16 0 16

The customer has bought (just for the unity part):



Except the CM part , who seems to be ok, the unity licensing number doesn't match. Anyway , i need to know if the 30 user license ( 10 + 10 + 10) registered in Unity are the 30 CUCM-BE-10 USR that he has paid for, and if the 50 user VOICE MAILBOXES are part of base package like i was reading. Because in that case the 55 UnityCN2-ADV-Usr license it's missing.

Thank you

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Re: CUCM6-BE Licensing problem

Hi Adrian,

It doesn't look to me like the Permanent CCM or Unity Connection Licenses have been obtained (see below) and installed;

Here is a clip from an excellent answer to this question from Arun @ Cisco Systems in a recent "Ask the Expert" event;

1) CUCM6-BE base package includes 7828 server, software and the first 50 seats. Each seat includes a CUCM user and a VM box. These are permanent licenses.

In addition to the seats, CUCMBE also has 50 device license units pre-populated for initial installation and configuration. DLUs should not be confused with the 50 seats that are included in the base package. The 50 device licenses are not cumulative. They will be removed from the system when purchased device licenses are uploaded on the system.

2) The add-on user licenses are required to build out a specific configuration. For example, if the system needs to support 150 7940 IP phone users, then you need to purchase the base package (which includes 50 seats), then you need to order qty 2 of the 50 seat add-on license to build out the 150 users. You then need to purchase phones and device licenses (4DLUs per 7940 x 150 = 600DLUs).

Here is the thread;

Obtaining and Installing a License File

License files, which enable the features purchased by the customer, are required for configuring a new Cisco Unity Connection system and for adding or changing licensed features. You obtain the license files by completing registration information on

Shortly after registration, Cisco e-mails the license files. The e-mail from Cisco contains instructions on how to save and store the files.

The following information is required during registration:

The MAC address (physical address) for the network interface card (NIC) in the Cisco Unity Connection server.

The product authorization key (PAK), which appears on the sticker located on the back of the Cisco Unity Connection Application Software Media kit.

This section contains three procedures. Do them in the order listed.

To Get the MAC Address of the Cisco Unity Connection Server


Step 1 Log on to Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration.

Step 2 On the Show menu, click Network.

Step 3 Write down the value for MAC Address, excluding the hyphens (for example, if the physical address is 00-a1-b2-c3-d4-e5, record 00a1b2c3d4e5), or save it to a file that you can access during online registration.


To Register and Obtain the License Files


Step 1 Go to the software registration site at (URLs are case sensitive).

Step 2 Enter the PAK and click Submit.

Step 3 Follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 4 You will receive an e-mail with the Cisco Unity Connection license file.

continued on next post........

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Re: CUCM6-BE Licensing problem

.........from previous


Obtaining a License File

Use the following steps to obtain a license file for a new installation of Cisco CallManager phones nodes and for updating the licenses when new phones are added.


Step 1 When you place an order for Cisco devices, Cisco provides a Product Authorization Key (PAK).

Step 2 Register the PAK with Cisco CallManager using the License Registration web tool that is provided on CCO.

Step 3 You must enter the MAC address of the Cisco CallManager server that you are requesting the licenses for, and a valid E-mail Id. You must enter the number of nodes and phone units that you want licenses for.


Note You can determine the number of phone unit licenses that you will require for each phone type using License Calculator in Cisco CallManager Administration. See the "Calculating License Units" section.


Step 4 CCO generates a license file with the number of unit licenses that you requested and sends it you via E-mail using the E-mail ID that you provided in step Step 2

Step 5 You must upload the license file to the server with the matching MAC address that you provided in Step 3

Ordering Information

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition can be ordered using a single top-level bundle part number. The top-level part number allows you to configure the entire system, including hardware, software, and user licenses.

Organizations can select one of the base packages. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition base packages bundle the Cisco MCS 7828 appliance with a preloaded software suite and seat licenses for the first 50 users. The seat licenses included in the base package cover the server licenses, mailboxes, and ports needed for the initial system. Note that these seat licenses do not cover phone or device licenses.

Organizations can then add more users by selecting the appropriate quantities of user packages, available in **10- or 50-seat increments, up to the total number of users. The add-on user licenses cover the server licenses, mailboxes, and ports and are cumulative.

Device licenses can be added for phones and other messaging options for advanced users under the top-level part number.

Hope this helps!


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Re: CUCM6-BE Licensing problem

I have already obtained and install the license for the CM 6 and the activation key for the unity ( unity Conn Activation Key.)I didn' t registered the Device license yet but i receive all the DL that i ordered. The problem is not with the call manager part of the CUCM6-BE but with the unity part because i have some codes that are not valide(during the registration). For this i was thinking that maybe are already included in the base package.

The non valide license key are:

CUCM-BE-10USR - 3x10

Alsow i order 55 UNITYCN2-ADV-USR and received nothing !

So my qusetion is :the users that i see on the license report (not on the call manager but on the unity screen) are the seats included on the base package ? Because in this case there seems to be a delivering problem...

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Re: CUCM6-BE Licensing problem

Hi Adrian,

Sorry, I should have just said;

Yes, I agree. It seems that you are short 50 (or maybe 55 if they can actually be ordered in "odd" numbers) Unity User licenses.

The first 50 are part of the "Base" license;

CUCM6-BE base package includes 7828 server, software and the first 50 seats. Each seat includes a CUCM user and a VM box. These are permanent licenses.

Try sending an email (with pertinant information)and requesting the additional licenses to;

Hope this helps!


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Re: CUCM6-BE Licensing problem

Ok, i understand , i will do so. Thank you for everything!

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