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cue 2.3 AutoAttendant Script

I used CUE Editor 3.1.2 and built an AutoAttendant for a customer in my lab on a 3.1 CUE. It worked well. I loaded it into their CUE 2.3 and it will not.

I then used CUE Editor 2.3.3 and built a new one. It does not work in their CUE 2.3.

Now I have begun building scripts, step by step and testing at each step. I got to:



Play prompt......... works well so far.

As soon as I add:

Menu or Dial-by-Extension Menu, with or without prompt or Output............ I get "Sorry, we are experiencing system problems". Can CUE 2.3 even have a Menu step?

Can CUE 2.3 even use Menu's?

From CUE:

Installer (Installer application) 2.2.1

Thirdparty (Service Engine Thirdparty Code) 2.3.2

Bootloader (Primary) (Service Engine Bootloader) 2.1.2

Infrastructure (Service Engine Infrastructure) 2.3.4

Global (Global manifest) 2.3.4

Service Engine license 1.20 (License for the Service Engine) 2.1.2

Auto Attendant (Service Engine Telephony Infrastructure) 2.3.0

Voice Mail (Voicemail application) 2.3.2

Bootloader (Secondary) (Service Engine Bootloader) 2.1.2

Core (Service Engine OS Core) 2.3.4

GPL Infrastructure (Service Engine GPL Infrastructure) 2.3.0

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