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CUE 3.0 - Mailbox Selection not working


I'm wondering if someone has seen this before. It's driving me crazy. I have a CUE 3.0 system running on a 2821 router, with Callmanager Express 4.1

I have configured the systems to talk, and everything is working normally (I can ring a phone, send the call to voicemail, leave a message, retrieve the message, MWI works) except, the call always selects the redirected number for mailbox selection, even if I choose "original called".

For example, I have extension 101 forward busy to extension 102, and then set extension 102 to FNA to voicemail. If 101 is busy, 102 will ring 5 times and then go into voicemail. However, voicemail is looking for mailbox 102, which doesn't exist, so I get the Unity error message. If I build vm box 102, then the call tried to use that box.

I have the GUI set under VM configuration, Mailbox selection to Original Called Party, and have also verified in the CLI that "mailbox-selection original called" is selected.

Can someone tell me what I am missing or where to start digging?


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