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CUE and CME issue with Single Users VM

We have a single user in our VOIP enviroment that has the following problem.

When VM is left for the user it activates the message indicators fine. The user then attempts to dial in to check the message. The user is prompted for thier PIN and authenticated. They are then told they have no new VM and are directed to the menu.

We are sure they have VM because we deleted the mailbox, recreated it and then left several messages. The users VM indicators for their Mailbox increment correctly but they are always told they do not have new mail. We are also sure that all the extentions, MAC addresses and mailbox entries are correct for this users. I have unlocked the account to verify that was not an issue, I have reset MSI, and as stated re-created the mailbox. Before we deleted the users mailbox you were greeted with her name after we re-created it you get the defualt system greeting as you would expect.

Any Ideas?


Cisco Employee

Re: CUE and CME issue with Single Users VM

Forgive me, but just to make sure I understand the problem: you leave new messages for the user, the MWI light and envelope icon on the phone are correct, but when they log in it does not say they have X new messages? This really sounds strange, so I just wanted to make sure I understand. Normally, I'd want to see some voicemail traces to see if it matches up with what the user is hearing.

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