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CUE can access MS-Exchange server?

Hi all,

My customer hope that CUE access local exchange server directory.Does it supported?If it can't access directly, may I use VPIM between Unity with MS-Exchange and Unity Express to reach it?


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Re: CUE can access MS-Exchange server?

i don't know if CUE can access the local exchange directory, though I would suspect not. Regarding the VPIM connection, here are the settings for that (taken from

How to configure VPIM in 5 minutes - mystry solved!!

December 19, 2008 at 2:14 pm | In 1, Cisco Unity to CUE VPIM networking in 5 minutes | No Comments

I have looked around a lot of document and came through various documents and finally couldn't find what I was after. Then after reading heaps of crap, I made a short doc which really shrinks down the VPIM.

Basic Concept:

VPIM : Based on SMTP & MIME (Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension)

Message content components:

- spoken name

- forwarded fax and text messages.

- vCard (phone number, text name and email address)

VPIM Addresses:

Dial ID vs. Location

- Primary Location (Default Location)

- Delivery Locations

Voice Connector: This encodes Voice mail into VPIM format.

VPIM Subscriber ??



- select only [Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 VPIM Connector]


routing group

routing group connector

CUE settings:

hostname CUE

ip domain-name

ip name-server

network location id 408

email domain (put your actual here)

name “Unity”

voicemail extension-length 4


end location

network location id XXX (where XXX = sitec location ID)

email domain (CUE IP)

name “CUE”

voicemail extension-length 8


end location

network local location id XXX


Primary Locations

- for Domain Name(SMTP)

- Dialing Domain leave blank.

- Update Addressing Options = Global directory / Global directory

Delivery Locations


- [SMTP domain name] = (CUE IP)

- Check [Sender's recorded name]

- Check [Sender's vCard]


Troubleshooting commands:

show network locations

show network detail location id …

show network detail local

show network queues

How to send vpim messages:

Press messege button of your phone

option#2 - saying something leave message (thats how we send vpim message), follow the cisco IVR lady.

You need to dial location ID# then phone number for example 408+phone number where 408 is hq site vpim site “Id”

Hope this helps to some folks who are struggling with VPIM mistry!

-Push Bhatkoti

CCIE voice#21569

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