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CUE Group Mailbox - Message Notification is it possible?

I read in the CUE documentation that message notification for group mailboxes is not possible.

Is this true? Is there any configuration where message notification is possible with group mail boxes?



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Re: CUE Group Mailbox - Message Notification is it possible?

Hi Chris,

MWI does not work with Group Mailboxes but you can configure Message Notification. Have a look;

General delivery mailbox (GDM) This mailbox is assigned to a group of subscribers. All members in the group have access to the mailbox. When a caller leaves a message in this mailbox, no MWI is turned on. Instead, when a member logs in to the personal mailbox, the mailbox menu allows the member to access the messages in each GDM to which the member belongs. Only one person can access the GDM at a time. After the first person saves or deletes a message in the GDM, the message is no longer played as "new" for any subsequent members.

From this CUE 2.3 doc;

You can setup the following for Group Mailboxes;

Enabling Message Notification for a Subscriber or Group

Before configuring message notification on a device for a subscriber or group, enable the message notification capability for the subscriber or group.

Starting in Cisco Unity Express configuration mode, use the following command to enable message notification:

voicemail notification owner owner-id enable

where owner-id is the username of the subscriber or groupname of the group that requires the message notification capability.

The following example enables message notification for the subscriber user5 and the group sales:

se-10-0-0-0# config t

se-10-0-0-0(config)# voicemail notification owner user5 enable

se-10-0-0-0(config)# voicemail notification owner sales enable

se-10-0-0-0(config)# end


These notifications can be sent to the following devices:

Cell phone

Home phone

Work phone

Numeric pager

Text pager

E-mail inbox

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: CUE Group Mailbox - Message Notification is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. All you need to do is give the primary number of the group mailbox a line appearence on the phones that are members of the group.

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