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CUE GUI login - maximum administrators limit

I am seeing a lot of this message at the GUI login

You are currently logged in without Adminstrator privileges, since the system has reached the maximum Administrators limit

I can't find any reference to it in the documentation. It is occuring even when I have a single admin user logged in


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Re: CUE GUI login - maximum administrators limit

The CUE GUI only allows one admin user to make changes at one time. So (currently) it allows only one user with admin privileges to be logged in at a time. What may happen is that if you were logged in and then close the browser window instead of clicking the logout button it will keep the user session until the timeout (I can't remember exactly--something like 10 minutes, I believe) upon which you can log in again and get admin privileges.

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Re: CUE GUI login - maximum administrators limit

Is there a command to show who is logged in similar to the 'who' command on a router


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Re: CUE GUI login - maximum administrators limit

Unfortunately there is not, but keep in mind that you'll only get that message if there's a different user (with admin privileges) logging into the system. If it were the same, then it would log the original owner out completely and the latest person logging in would have the session.

You can do some monitoring if you do a "trace webInterface session all" command from the CLI. Then you can issue the command:

show trace buffer long | include "webInterface session"

You'll see stuff like:

742 07/10 11:03:29.047 webInterface session "Logged in" Login Failed for marschne : javax.naming.AuthenticationException: netscape.ldap.LDAPException: error result (48)


895 07/10 11:10:00.104 webInterface session "Logged in" Logging in as Administrator

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