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CUE MWI Resync

Does anybody know if there is a way to resync the MWI's in CUE. I have one that is stuch in the on position.


Re: CUE MWI Resync

In the SA page, go into the subscribers profile

Click on Messages

Delete the "x" for MWI extension

Then uncheck the "use MWI for message notifiation"

Now, go back add the "X" back into the MWI extension

Check mark the X for MWI message notifcation"

You basically then cleared out any possible instance of stuck light on the phone. Unity will then "browese" the inbox and look for new messages, if non, it will turn the light off and show off on this screen.

You can also just try the "refresh status" for a quick try. But I have found sometimes with older integrations, you need to actually go through the above process and resync the phone/vm box/unity.


Cisco Employee

Re: CUE MWI Resync

For CUE, from the CLI, you can use the "mwi refresh" command, i.e. "mwi refresh telephonenumber 1234".

Or from the GUI you can also to: Voice Mail > Message Waiting Indicators > Refresh

Then pick the number(s) you want to refresh.

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