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New Member

CUE not accepting user password - Invalid Entry

I have succesfully integrated Unity Express 2.3 with a CM 4.1(3) which originally has its own Unity Server 4.0(5). Problem is when a user presses the Mail (envelope) button, CUE asks for a password but no matter how we enter the correct password, CUE always says "Invalid Entry, please enter your password...". Could it be that CUE is not accepting the digits? But CUE always recognizes the # (pound) sign to signify that the user has finished entering the password but always seem to either not recognize the password (which should be correct) or totally rejecting the password. Is there a way I can trace or debug the digits being pressed by the user as it enters the router hosting CUE? Please advise.

Cisco Employee

Re: CUE not accepting user password - Invalid Entry

If it recognizes the # sign, then it should recognize other digits fine, too. Are you sure you're entering the correct pin? The reason I ask is because if you're resetting it from the CLI, you need to use 'username pin ', not 'username password ', since that refers to the web password.

If all else fails, you could gather a trace from the CUE CLI.To gather a CUE trace for a call, log into the CUE CLI ("serv serv x/y session") then issue the commands:

- "clear trace"?(this clears the diagnostics messages in memory so you don't see information from all previous calls)

- make a test call (don't wait long to do that; if other calls come in first, just issue another "clear trace" first)

- "show trace buffer long"; it'll take a while to quit scrolling output, but eventually it will.? Once it does, just copy/paste the output to a text file (or you can just set your terminal emulation program to log to file.? That's usually easier).

New Member

Re: CUE not accepting user password - Invalid Entry

Thanks very much. I got confused w/ the PIN and password. Thanks again, that solved my problem.

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