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New Member

CUE question

Hi All,

Can i make my CUE to be dialled from external numbers, for example if i am out of the office and need to check my voicemail can i dial a certain number to be connected to my voicemail. Do i need to create a dial-peer.

Currently that's the config of the VM dial-peer

dial-peer voice 8000 voip

description CUE VM

destination-pattern 8000

session protocol sipv2

session target ipv4:

dtmf-relay sip-notify

codec g711ulaw

no vad


New Member

CUE question

Hi Fady,

Ues this is very much possible. User needs to dial a specific PSTN number from outside , authenticate and access.

There is an older post on this forum about the same and it can help you understand:



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New Member

CUE question

Hi Ajay,

thanks for your prompt feedback and the useful link.

they are speaking about 2 options;

1- get in from the AA, which i don't have it working on my system

2- dial in a specific number from outside, this one should be configured somewhere.

my questions (sorry, still a question) is where do i configure this number (on the CUE, CME .. etc,) and i believe i should create a dial-peer for this one, do I?

Thanks a lot

Cheers, Fady

New Member

CUE question

Hi Fady,

You need specific dial peers on CME to connect to Voicemail pilot. THe number which will be dialled from outside (with DN Range) should be able to talk to CUE.

IF you closely read the thread that i have refered here, it is also mentioned into it.

Hope this helps.

Ajay Singh

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