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CUE: Saved message turns on MWI ??

Running CUE 2.13 on CME 4.0, 2851 12.4(9)T. Users have report that MWI light comes on eventhough there are no new messages, but a SAVED message. Does CUE turn ON the MWI for a Saved message OR is it supposed to only turn on MWI for new messages?? I ask because I may have an issue where MWI seems to be coming on for Saved messages??

Thanks in advance,


Cisco Employee

Re: CUE: Saved message turns on MWI ??

Are you're sure they're actually saving the message, or are they disconnecting while listening to a new message. For example, when you call in and listen to new messages, the light will turn off (assuming you're listening to the last new message). However if you hang up before pressing 2 to save the message, the ilght will come back on. I suspect that's what's happening.

New Member

Re: CUE: Saved message turns on MWI ??

Sounds good. So unless I make a decision to do something with a new message, it stays new thus the MWI still stays on. As well , hanging up while the new message is playing keeps it new and thus the mwi light stays on.

Sorry to trouble you with such a minor issue, but thanks for responding.

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