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CUEAC and CUCM 7.1(5) 64 bit TSP Plugin


I have a customer with CUCM 7.1(5) who has purchased CUEAC and wants to run it on Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit).

According to the data sheet this should be supported but when I go through the CUEAC server installation process it tries to download the 64 bit TSP plugin from the CUCM server.

This is a problem as CUCM 7.1(5) does not have the 64 bit TSP plugin - it only has the 32 bit version.

The exact message I get is

Error occured while downloading Cisco TSP.


I have obtained the 64 bit TSP from a later CUCM and done a manual installation hoping that the installer would see the TSP is already installed and skip the step but it does not do so.

Can anyone suggest how to resolve this?

I know I could use a 32 bit version of Windows Server or upgrade CUCM but these options are not available.


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CUEAC and CUCM 7.1(5) 64 bit TSP Plugin


I built a CUCM 9.x server as a virtual machine and integrated CUEAC with that. The 64 bit TSP downloaded and installed ok and I was hoping that I could then reconfigure the TSP CTI manager addresses and the CUEAC CUCM server to point to the version 7.1 CUCM server.

Unfortunately this did not work as I got a message complaining about version incompatibilities between the CUEAC server and CUCM.

I do not think there is any workaround for running CUCM 7.1 with CUEAC on a 64 bit Windows Server.

Luckily for me the customer found an old Windows 2003 32 bit server that they used to run Cisco ACS on. CUEAC installed without a hitch on this server and is running fine.

If anyone manages to get this working I would be interested to know how.

Lesson here is do not believe Cisco data sheets

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