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CUEAC Console stuck calls in Queue



We have an issue with stuck calls in CUEAC console. The inbound calls get stuck in All Queue and do not drop to Active calls. Cannot be answered, moved, etc. Operator needs to lift the receiver on the C7965 phone and put it back to terminate the call. 

We tried a lot of steps to fix the issue - completely re-installed CUEAC Server, client, CT gateway devices, CTI Route pointes, and etc with Cisco TAC help. Also replaced network cables, replaced the phone, replaced computer. Same issue.  Everything was working fine for a couple of years, but now it started all of a sudden. We get probably about 10 to 20 issues like that though out the day.


Can anybody advise please?


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I have the same exact issue .. did you find a solution for this?

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Not exactly. 

Not exactly. 

We had to get our Cisco rep. involved, escalated within CiscoTAC, switch CiscoTAC engineers, got Post Sales team attention and etc., to get somewhat positive results. Very unique experience...

Anyway, the workaround (not a solution) was to go to:

1. Cisco Attendant Console Administration portal

2. User Configuration

3. Queue Management

4. Change "Call Delivery Method" from "Forced Delivery" to "Broadcast".

I would advise to contact CiscoTAC to make these changes for you, since they had to rebuild the queue to make such changes. Needs to be done after business hours, this is very intrusive.

Now, because we have only one operator, the Call Delivery method, Forced or Broadcast, wasn't important to us. The calls stopped getting stuck in the queue, because the additional leg between Cisco Attendant console and the Cisco IP Phone was eliminated by changing the behavior of how an incoming phone call is being answered. 

Right now, a phone call can be answered at the Cisco Attendant Console only, the Cisco IP Phone itself is not ringing.

An incoming call "rings" from the PC speakers. It is not ringing on the Cisco phone at all. The call would need to be answered by operator within the Console itself by clicking with the mouse. Then the call would be directed to the Cisco IP Phone for an operator to handle the call.

Additional thoughts:

Was the issue addressed by this workaround? -yes.

Was the root cause of the issue found, isolated and a solution provided? - no.

I am not sure if our workaround would be a good fix for other organizations. 

Also, we have decided to move to another product if the issue comes back or any issue to be honest. We wasted too much time and energy on this issue. I can share the info on the alternative product to Cisco Attendant console, if needed.

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