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CUEAC Issue with External calls

I'm new to CUEAC, but working with Cisco call Manager since long time. I have installed CUEAC Server and Cient as per steps given in your website ( studied both PPT & Movie ). The main purpose for the external calls get into AC client, and the receptionist will do the next as per needed.

Please help me out, I'm having the following issues:- ( My entire DN range 7000 - 7999 )

1. CUEAC Client loged in but with a Error " Database Not Connected " in RED showing in the address bar. ( I have separate CSS for all CTI Ports DN, and all are perfectly working )

2. Whenever external calls landing on DDI ques, I can receieve it but can't park or hold..after pressing HOLD with 1 sec the calls getting disconnected. I can do it for internal call.

3. During an external call if the 2nd calls coming in any of the other DDI queue or in the existing, I can't recieve that one. I can do it for internal call as the 1st once can be parked or hold.

4. I can't transfer or conference any external or internal calls.

I need the external calls will be in Queue with MOH and can be transfer / conference etc. as normal CUEAC should do.

NB:- I have tested by all my User Extn DN & CTI DN through TAPI Softohone @ JulMAR Technology which are working fine. All the CTI & CTI Route Point are getting registered with CUCM, but only TEMPLATE_CTI DN is not registering. And all the required CSS and Partition related with calling ability are fine as per needed.

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CUEAC Issue with External calls

1. Database not connected issue most likely local, please try from another operator workstation

2. This is most likely CSS issue. Please check if the Gateway incoming calling CSS have access to partition of the Operator's IP Phone Partition and all the CTI Ports parition

3. Check the "busy trigger" and "maximum number of calls" are set to 2 and 4 in cucm for the cti ports

4. same as 3

Also double check

- if all the CTI ports are registered

- check "Desired number of possible Automated Voice Lines:" are 200 or more (for Wave Drivers) (under TSP config. Start > Run > telephon.cpl)

- If all the CTI Ports are configured (cueac web admin page > System Configuration > system Device Management)

     * CT Gateway Devices

     * Serivce Devices

     * Park Devices


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