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CUMA 7.x :- ASA deployment as a proxy only


Looking at the install guide for CUMA, I am a bit confusued as to how to deploy the ASA, in proxy only mode.

I have a 2811 acting as a firewall, and

my DMZ is achieved by

1. Having a protected Subnet/VLAN with ACL's

2. Staticaly NAT'ing an server on that VLAN to a public IP address.

With this, I have a server with an internal IP address, as well as a Public IP address, and have ACL's that restrict access, so that my server cannot be used as a hop-off point to my internal network.

My question is :-

Can I deploy the ASA in the same fashion for use with CUMA ?

Chapter 2 of the install guide does not have this kind of scanario listed.

What I am concerned about is that there is NAT config on the ASA.

But in my case the ASA itself would be NAT'ed to give it a public IP address.

Any suggestions ?


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