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CUMPE/MPX 2.1 + 4 Questions about LDAP Integration / Upgrade

I have a CUMPE/MPX 2.1 system that is currently connected to a CCM 4.x system that used User IDs that were equivalent to their assigned telephone numbers (easier for Extension Mobility in this case). Q1) If I change the CUMPE/MPX LDAP information, what happens to the existing user profiles and their scheduled meetings? In a test, it looks like they would stay, but are unusable as the end user cannot authenticate using the old account. Q2) If I change the LDAP information to another LDAP source (CUCM 7 for instance) and their is duplicate information (e.g. User ID 5555 in old system and new User ID 5555) what happens? Is it first one in and additional identical id's are rejected, overwrite, something else? Q3) If the new LDAP happens to be MS AD, is AD 2008 supported? Q4) If the new LDAP happens to be MS AD, can he user ID be something else other than samccountname? e.g. telephoneNumber. Thanks

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