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CUOM 9.0 License problem

I have three licenses to use with the CUOM 9.0.

During the installation I have provided this one L-UOM-B-2K=.

After the installation I included the L-UOM-B-500= from Administration > Server Administration (Common Services) > Licensing.

At this time I saw 2500 on the size column.

When I tried to install the last license to get more 500 Phones it does not work.

This last license is the L-UOM-B-500-UPG=

Eventhough there is no error message shown the Phone size count is always 2500.

I tried a second time to include this L-UOM-B-500-UPG= but no success.

I looked on C:\CSCOpx\etc\licenses and found the license files but their names were changed, and the L-UOM-B-500-UPG= on two files.

I tried net stop crmdmgtd and net start crmdmgtd but still the same.

Is there any way to include this missing license without being to reinstall?

Now I am wondering that this L-UOM-B-500-UPG= must be the first one to be installed.

Any help is appreciated

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CUOM 9.0 License problem

Hi there,

It seems to me that both of the additional 500 phone licenses should have

looked the exact same

Cisco Licensing is very,very good about fixing license issues when required. Just send an email to;

Something like this;

We  recently installed our CUOM 9.0 and had purchased the base 2000 phone license

and two additional 500 phone licenses for a total of 3000 phone licenses. When we

added the two additional 500 phone licenses via

Administration > Server Administration (Common Services) > Licensing

we still show a total of 2500 phone licenses rather than the required total of 3000

Can you please advise what the issue may be;

The PAK's we used for licensing are (fill in actual PAK's)

Here is the pertinent info;

End User Name -

Legal Address - 11223 Fun City Rd

City,Country - Banff, Canada

Purchase Order Number - 111111

Sales Order Number - 2222333

Bill to ID - xxxxx

Ship to ID - xxxxxxxxx

Thanks in advance for all your help with this! Can you please email the new license to:



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