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CUP and Corporate Directory

I need to know if there is any relation between CUP and corporate directory

If I configured CUP well and I made search about some user using corporate directory, shall I see the status of the user or this issue related to BLF?


Re: CUP and Corporate Directory

there is no relation to the Corp Directory on CUCM and CUPS.

*but*, you should be using the same directory in LDAP. CUCM should be pointed to the same LDAP directory CUPS is using for LDAP. This way you have the same telephone number field populated for BLF.

Also, the user and line requirements should be met for CUPS to pull BLF information. (Presence CSS, etc)

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Re: CUP and Corporate Directory

Thank you for your help.

But I did not integrate CCM with LDAP I just integrated with CUPS. So is it doable?

Re: CUP and Corporate Directory

ummmm... I guessing it should be as long as the telephone field is the same the users. I cant recall. Someone from Cisco may chime in here. Id recommended having a single LDAP directory for both, especially for CUPS.

If I recall, the extension has to match the directory number. So if you look up Jim Smith at x4000 his IPPHONE or telephone field for CUPS must match this in CUCM or BLF will not come through on the on/off hook status.

I could be missing an item here

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