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CUP maximum user count

So I AD integrated UCM (6.1) and I see 3300 end users. Now when I flip over to CUP (7.0) I only see 1,062 users....

My fear is that I have hit a limit on the box, but my hope is that someone has a work around.

It is a 7825 which has a user limit of 1,000, but I had assumed that the limit was based on the number of CUP/CUPC enabled users and not on the total user count.

I really hope there is a workaround.




Re: CUP maximum user count

Please clarify what you mean by CUP only sees 1062 users?  CUPS or CUPC?   In CUPS, I thought that the user list would only show the users you flagged in CUCM with the CUPS/CUPC feature.  IOW, users are only replicated when they are enabled for CUPS use.  At least, that is my understanding.

From an LDAP query perspective.  I believe this is done by CUPC (even though CUPS has a the LDAP search string specified).

The question I have:  How many users in CUCM are enabled with the CUPS/CUPC feature?  Is it 1062?



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Re: CUP maximum user count

Im talking about CUP 7 and just looking at "end users", in CUP 6 you are correct we only see CUP/CUPC enabled users. In 7 I am seeing the entire directory or at least 1,062 of them.

So I have 38 CUP enabled users in the 1,062, yet there are 50 some CUP enabled users in the UCM user directory.

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Re: CUP maximum user count


Where do you see this user count?

How many users have you got enabled for CUPC? As in licenses assigned in CCM?

Pick a user who isn't shown on CUPC, and give them a license... then see if they appear in CUPS (possibly in 'Unassigned Users' on the topology page if you don't see them wherever you are looking now).



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Re: CUP maximum user count

Okay I just restarted the Sync Agent service and suddenly all 3341 users are showing up in CUP.

Admittedly I feel kinda silly for not trying that earlier.

Thanks for the input though.

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