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CUPC 7.0 losing presence status (behind firewall) TCP ports usage


I've CUPC 7.0.2 with CUPS 7.0.6.

There is a firewall between the user's workstations and the CUPS.

I opened the networks ports detailed in the CUPC release notes.

I use CUPC as deskphone control mode

When I start my CUPC, everything is working fine.

However, after some times, I lose the presence status of my contacts, they can't see my status neither. When I change my status manually, the change is not done on the client itself. I can't see anything special in the logs. All other features are working fine (CTI-LDAP-IMAP)

When the problem occurs, I can see dropped packets in the firewall. The packets are TCP, source ports 1xxx, destination ports 3xxxx-4xxxx. The packets are sent from my CUPC to the CUPS. I don't know what are these packets for. I can't find them in any release notes.

I have to restart my CUPC to solve the problem. Also, when I allow all in the firewall rule, I don't have the problem.

I had CUPC 1.2 with CUPS 6.0, without this problem. SInce I upgraded to CUPS 7.0.4, it's there.

Can someone help me?




Re: CUPC 7.0 losing presence status (behind firewall) TCP ports

Check the Read Me notes on CUPS 7.x.   There are new requirements to have the ASA upgraded to 8.3 I think... I cant recall the exact number.  The ASA is doing a sip inspection most likely and messing up the presence packets.

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Re: CUPC 7.0 losing presence status (behind firewall) TCP ports

Thks for the answer

I've a Checkpoint FW, but the problem is really not the FW but the CUPC itself that is sending unidentified packets



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