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CUPC CUPS CCM5.1 LDAP Configuration

I am trying to build CUPS and CCM5.1 and CUPC, integrated with CCM5.1 LDAP services.

Can someone point me at (or provide) the LDAP configuration for CUPS to create the LDAP profile configuration (Application > UPC > LDAP Profile, in the CUPS server admin menu) to use the LDAP directory on Comms Manager 5.1 (CallManager as was)?

The install/planning docs refer to AD integration, but don't give an example for CCM5.1. I tried ou=users, but this doesn't work. CUPC says the server is unavailable. Also what user name would you use to authenticate? Directory Manager or CCMAdministrator?

Appreciate the help

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Re: CUPC CUPS CCM5.1 LDAP Configuration

I ran into LDAP issues myself. It appears CCM5.x does not have LDAP builtin, but uses a third party LDAP, Netscape or SUN, or Active Directory. I went the AD route, and it works, but appears to be a programming nightmare for adding or removing users, since it is all done through the AD now. For this I am using the Unity Connection for the LDAP server, you can setup a user, or use the admin user/password and setup the search base as CN=Users,DN=name etc, etc.

The CUPS and CUPC are becoming a nightmare for me, I cant get the CUPC to login, I get protocol failure, and when I cancel out and check server health, it appears to be an authentication issue with both the CUPS and Unity. The rest of the servers are green though.

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Re: CUPC CUPS CCM5.1 LDAP Configuration

Ensure that you client is 1.1.2 or 1.1.3

for CUPS 1.0.3. or 1.2.X for CUPS 6

CUPC 1.2.X only works with CUPS 6



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Re: CUPC CUPS CCM5.1 LDAP Configuration

This solved one problem! I am able to authenticate to all the servers now, but I am not able to use IM or use the other features of PC except for the phone control. Under LDAP server the User ID shows not configured. THere are no contacts listed either, but the corporate directory is showing on the phone. Any ideas?

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Re: CUPC CUPS CCM5.1 LDAP Configuration

Hi there, in Presence, under Application-> Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, you need to set up server and a profile for each feature you want to be available to the UPC users. Then under the profile of each you need to assign it to the users. Then when they log in to UPC, they download the details in the profiles which they are assigned to and this populates the fields in UPC

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