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CUPC/CUPS Federation Issue: "Ghost" requests

This is a weird one.  I will probably open a TAC case, but it's so intermittent, I was wondering if someone could confirm I'm not crazy first.

We have three Presence Servers, each its own cluster.  Each of the two satelite clusters are configured for Inter-Domain Federation with the 'central' cluster, but do not connect directly.  One of these two connections is fine; no problems what-so-ever.  The other one however...  It works fine.  Users on both sides can add each other, see each others status's and IM each other.  The problem is that users on both sides are getting phantom Presence requests from the other domain.  They look normal ("So-and-so(username) at other-domain wants to exchange instant messages and status information with you.  Do you accept this invitation?"), except that the Descriptive name("So-and-so") and username do not match and no one (neither "So-and-so", nor "username") initiated the request.  If the request is accepted, the contact it creates has the display name of "So-and-so" and the Chat field of "username", and its status is always offline.

And, to make it more interesting, the 'So-and-so' and 'username' change from ghost request to ghost request.  From what I've seen, the So-and-so are only people that have actually setup Inter-Domain Contacts, but the usernames seem to be taken from the general population of users. I would guess we are getting 5 to 10 of these per day among 3 or 4 users.  Has anyone seen anything like this?

BTW, CUPS 7.0.8 at the central location, 7.0.6 at the satelites.  CUCM 6.1.4.

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