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New Member

CUPC do not update status during conversation

Cisco Personal Communicator 7.0(2.13496) on CUP does not want to update status when I go off hook or on the phone on Desk phone.

It does update status when I'm set status manually or during idle timeout. I can use desk phone mode or soft phone mode and place calls on both

What i need to check to get it fixed ?

Server Health

System Troubleshooter all green except


When I go offhook on CIPC I got message in CUPC "Phone off hook" , however status does not updated.


Re: CUPC do not update status during conversation

This is call "phone presence" issue.

1) Set "callmanager" trace level to "detailed". and make sure "SIP call processing" debug option was turned on.

2) get the phone off hook for a couple seconds and put it on hook.

3) search "callmanager" logs for keyword "PUBLISH SIP:userid". where "userid" is actual CUCM user ID associated to the line appearance.


New Member

Re: CUPC do not update status during conversation

Michael, I did debugs you asked for. I tried to analyse them by myself , but only one strange thing I found was "SIP/2.0 489 Event Package Not Supported" , have no idea what was the cause of that. i

If you can take a look on them I highly appreciate that.

Here some info:

Debug enabled :

domain voip.lab




pc1 svizard

pc2 bknight

attached cm1.rar, cm2.rar callmanager traces

New Member

Re: CUPC do not update status during conversation

Michael , thank you for pointing me to right direction , after further analysis I figured out what LINE wasn't associated with USER , and , because of that status didnt get updated. I modified association on LINE page and now all works like charm.


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