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New Member

CUPC, voicemail connected but no new messages shown

Hi all,

I've integrated CUPS with UNITY Connection.

For now, I'm not using any ssl, to be able to troubleshoot the issue better.

On Unity, I have COS configured to allow IMAP, and Allow Users to Access Message Bodies.

In SMTP Server I have "" and "Require Authentication From Untrusted IP Addresses" and TLS from untrusted IP Addresses as Optional.


Server type: UNITY Connection

Hostname: <ip_of_unity_connection>

Port: 143

Protocol: TCP

Secure Messaging is Disabled.

From the same computer where I have CUPC, I test IMAP from CMD:

telnet 143

* OK  UMSS IMAP4rev1 Server Completed

1 capability



2 login sufle mypassword

2 OK LOGIN Completed

3 logout

* BYE UMSS IMAP4rev1 Server logging out

3 OK LOGOUT Completed

This shows that IMAP is configured fine.

CUPC shows in Server Health that it's Connected to Voicemail..

I know I have new message in voicemail, because if I connect to IMAP with other client (I've configured Outlook for IMAP access) it shows unread message, and the phone MWI is ON  as well.

But CUPC does not show annything in Recent, and the Recent Communications Filter is set to Voicemail.

Please tell me if you know what could be going wrong here?


New Member

Re: CUPC, voicemail connected but no new messages shown

nobody has experienced this issue?

Did I at least open the case in a correct group? I did not find any specific for CUPS...

New Member

Re: CUPC, voicemail connected but no new messages shown

Not sure what versions of CUPC, and CUPS you're using here, but this sounds like it might be the MailStore that's not set right, that's where your IMAP settings should be. It sounds as though you've configured the 'Voicemail Server' section with the IMAP details, but that should be setup for a web port, the IMAP settings are defined under the 'MailStore' section.

I'm not sure about CUPC7, but CUPC8 will show these as individual items under Server Health, 'VVM MailStore' followed by 'VVM System'.

New Member

Re: CUPC, voicemail connected but no new messages shown


Sorry for lack of information, forgot to mention that I'm running CUPS 7.0.1, and as of right now don't remember the CUPC version, will post it later on.

As well, from what I understand, there are two types of integrations.

1) With UNITY

Where you have to define Mailstore, that's where you put your Exchange information...


Where you can't even define Mailstore.

As Unity Connection does not rely on Exchange to deliver voicemails, it has it's own mail server, with IMAP enabled (per COS).

In this implementation, when you configure a VoiceMail Profile on CUPS it does not even let you specify Mailstore if you specify that it's UNITY CONNECTION system.

I might be wrong, as I'm new to this, but that's what I understood.

I've attached a Screenshot, from Voicemail server configuration window as well.

One file is voicemail server configuration, unity connection.

And the other one, voicemail profile configuration, where we can see that mailstore is greyed out.

It enables that option if I specify UNITY server instead of UNITY CONNECTION.

Many thanks for your reply,

New Member

Re: CUPC, voicemail connected but no new messages shown

Okay, well with CUPS 8, the MailStore is where you set where the voicemails are kept regardless of whether it's Unity or Unity Connection. On our system we have that setup with the LDAP port, and the IP address of our Unity Connection server as well as TCP protocol type.

This may not apply at all to version 7 as a lot has changed between the two, but do you have the ability to create a Mailstore profile in Version 7? Once one is created, the 'Primary Mailstore' field in your Voicemail Profile should let you choose it, rather than being greyed out.

Apologies if this turns out to be a wild goose chase for your version, unfortunately I don't have access to that version to check this.

New Member

Re: CUPC, voicemail connected but no new messages shown


I have tried that already, but even if I configure Mail store, it's still greyed out on voicemail profile, it only let's me choose something when  I configure UNITY server, not unity connection...

Thanks for your help anyway,


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