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CUPI Development

is there anyone out there actually using this API. The cisco docs have examples like these

1POST http://<connection-server>/vmrest/users?templateAlias=voicemailusertemplate
2<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

However I am a self-thought developer and can't actually figure out how to use this. If anyone out there has already developed a web interface using this API I would be extremely grateful if someone would be willing to send me the complete code to use this example. please keep it simple... a copy / past of the above into a .html doc doesn't do anything.

Cisco Employee

Re: CUPI Development

Understand your frustration - me and my team are trying to help by providing proper SDK with better documentation and lots and lots of examples.

The CUPI for Admins .NET SDK can be found here:

That's for .NET folks, of course, but there's training videos to get you started, 100 page developers guide and all the sample code you can shake a stick at.  There is also an SDK started for the user interface (CUPI for users) as well as a notification SDK (for server to server mailbox change notificaitons). 

The CUPI for users interface also has a Java SDK - which you can get here:

again, a training video to get you started, sample code and a developers guide.

The SDKs are way, way easier to use than the raw API - save you hours and hours of time (I use the .NET SDKs in my projects on all the time, which is why we're making them available).

Hopefully the .NET versions will be available via NuGet install soon - so you can go from empty project to creating a new user on a Connection server in under 90 seconds.  That's the goal at any rate.

You can look at the code for the SDK as well if you prefer to just see how to call the raw API methods via C# or Java.

Anyway - hopefully you can get some use out of them...  let me know if that doesn't get you where you need to go.

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Re: CUPI Development

Sounds like you are getting some things together. However I am not a .NET guy or a java guy. I have developed an interface with CUCM that uses HTML / PHP and was hoping to add unity connection to it as well. Come to find out its a completely different API. Didn't really want to have to learn a new language to integrate connection.

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CUPI Development

Hello again Lindborg,

I was able to fingure out how to use the XML examples with PHP which was my goal. Now I am trying to figure out what's posible. CUCM has a great AXL Schema Reference that shows you all of the avalible valuse that can be set or returned with each function. Is there anything like this for the CUPI API? If there is I have not been able to find it yet.

For example I would like to know if I can modify the Integrate with LDAP Directory setting on a subscriber account.

Thanks for any help.

Cisco Employee

CUPI Development

The CUPI Wiki page has a link at the top showing how to get the WADL off your Connection server - this is as close as you'll find to a list of properties per object type - it's not as standardized as the SOAP WSDL approach but it covers most of what you need.

at the bottom you'll also see a link to "user import" which includes a run down of how to import users via LDAP - you don't create a user first and then "flip" their LDAP key, you import the users from the LDAP DB just as you do when you import users via the CUCA web interface...

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Re: CUPI Development


Thank you for the link I will take a look. As far as creating/importing the users goes the problem that I think I am going to run into is that importing users is a 3 step process. create the user in LDAP, Sync to LDAP, and then you can import the user. Most of the time I am finding that a request comes in to a helpdesk to set up a new user. the help desk then wants to create the AD account and set up the phone all at the same time. it is inconvenient for them to have to create the AD account then wait for the scheduled LDAP sync to take place and then import the user. I am looking for a way to allow the voicemail box to be created right after the AD account is created. If it wasn't for the fact that for LDAP authentication to work the user has to be imported from LDAP at least as far as i know i would just create the subscriber manual.

Thanks again for the help.

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I too am having issues using

I too am having issues using cupi to create a user in php. Can you tell me what you did to accomplish this? I have been beating my head against the wall trying. Thanks in advance.

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