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CUPS/IM and Presence 9.1 Federation not supported with Openfire


I have been working with Cisco TAC for a couple of months on a tac case, and thought I would just put this out there so others dont spend too much time in a similar situation.  We have an internal CUPS server and a DMZ cups intercluster peer current versions 9.1.  Attempting to federate with partner using Openfire current version 3.9.1, we can determine that there is server to server communication with packet captures on Openfire and Cups servers, so ports are open and DNS SRV seem set fine. 

Bottom line Cisco is bailing with the "unsupported" platform and so this federation is dead.  Really puzzling is that there is a Lync federation document out there for Openfire and Nextplane supports Openfire, Cisco used to put some effort into integrations.

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