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CUPS - OCS rcc is not working


Does anyone had a similar problem to this:

When a user uses his moc for rcc in one location it works fine but at the same site, another building it does not work anymore

traces from CUPS reveal the following:

PID(10009) sip_tcp.c(5472) IPC message read event
PID(10009) sip_tcp.c(3865) sip_tcp received auth state as: 0 for connid: 577882 sockfd 48 flags 2 from sip_sm
PID(10009) sip_tcp.c(5499) socket write event on: 48
PID(10009) sip_tcp.c(4659) Inside sip_tcp_write_handler
PID(10009) sip_tcp.c(485) sip_tcp using shared memory buffer 5:0:4194304
PID(10009) sip_tcp : tcp_mm_malloc: sip_mm_malloc failure 5 buffers allocated
PID(10009) sip_tcp.c(664) sip_tcp is now sending ok pdu connid 577882, sock_fd 48 1 msgs
PID(10009) sip_tcp.c(5499) socket write event on: 7
PID(10009) sip_tcp.c(4659) Inside sip_tcp_write_handler
ID(21112) sip_sm.c(4528) ACL - upstream trusted - no need to authenticate

ID(21112) sip_sm.c(960) TCB_PROXIED_STATE_TIMER : 60 seconds.
ID(21112) mod_sip_ua.c(2468) sip_ua_handler: unparsed to: <sip:985580@<edited>>
ID(21112) mod_sip_ua.c(999) find_scb(): about to acquire b3b59a60d4ea459d82dc856aefd63bc6:a146189-b3697bc6-5dec579-f6801186
ID(21112) mod_sip_ua.c(1009) find_scb(): failed to acquire scb a146189-b3697bc6-5dec579-f6801186:b3b59a60d4ea459d82dc856aefd63bc6
ID(21112) mod_sip_ua.c(2503) sip_ua_handler(): scb not found for this request
ID(21112) mod_sip_ua.c(1159) ua_handle_invite(): INVITE request with body: <?xml version="1.0"?>
<RequestSystemStatus xmlns=""><extensions><privateData><private><lcs:line xmlns:lcs="">tel:985580;phone-context=dialstring</lcs:line></private></privateData></extensions></RequestSystemStatus>

Anyone know what failed to acquire scb stands for?




Re: CUPS - OCS rcc is not working

Hi Koen,

I don't think this is related to your problem.

I would start sniffing on OCS and CUPS along with SIP proxy traces while reproducing the issue and see what happens.

I would also compare a working and non working scenario (first in the sniffer traces then in SIP Proxy traces)

Here is how you enable the built in sniffer in CUPS

SSH to the box

utils network capture eth0 size ALL count 100000 file cups

Here is how you get the file

file get activelog platform/cli/cups.cap

You need an sftp server

Alternatively you can use RTMT to get the capture file (you can do this with the latest versions).

Hope this helps


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