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CUPS Subclustering Over WAN

Quick questions about subclustering and subclustering over wan:

Currently I have a balanced Active/Active setup in one subcluster. I want to provide redundancy for a remote site by bringing up another subscriber at the remote site. This way if the WAN were to fail Jabber clients and presence at this site would not be affected.

Does this require another subcluster and add the new node at the new site in the subcluster? Then assign all users to that remote node and subcluster?

Does anything need to be done for the two subclusters to communicate?

If the node at the remote site were to fail would the jabber clients move to the other subcluster?

Thanks in advance...

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CUPS Subclustering Over WAN

I went ahead and brought up the sub at the remote site and added this to the subcluster and turned HA on.

My plan was to assign all users at the remote site to this sub so that if the WAN should fail they would not notice however if the server were to fail they would go accross the WAN to the pub.

Problem is when I assign a user to the sub I cannot see any presence info for users assigned to the pub, even though they are in the same subcluster.

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CUPS Subclustering Over WAN

Added a subcluster and placed the offsite node in the sub cluster. We do not route multicast over the wan so i had to change the Routing Communication Type to router-to-router and restart the router service.

This solved the issue.

Also to answer my own question, the clients would not jump to the other subcluster so i created another node at this site and added it to the subcluster and turned HA on.

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