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CUSPA in Unity 4.2

guys ihave MCS 7845 server for unity ......i have installed windows 2003 on i have three dvd's of unity (4.2) one dvd of exhange 2003 and one for guys i have doc....guys i have done this installation in lab few years i still have that lab says that i have to run CUSPA first.....where i sthat CUSPA i cant see in any unity dvd????? i went to cisco doc.....there are no goo ddoc for installing step by step guide (as its my first time)....guys can someone please help m eout.....thanks


Re: CUSPA in Unity 4.2

You should use the service pack disks and in that there is a vb script file called cuspa.vbs. You should double click it to open CUSPA.



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Re: CUSPA in Unity 4.2

Re: CUSPA in Unity 4.2

Follow the document. IT's really good.

So you can do it this way also:

- Load Windows 2003

- If this is Voicemail only, then you have to setup your Voicemail only AD domain. If you are UM, then add server to exsiting domain.

- VM only, load Exchange 2003 and SP1/2

- UM only, Load Exchange 2003 Management tools and SP1/2

- SQL server install and SPs

- Schema update to domain

- Cupsa then run. Dont run the "setup.exe" run the Cupsa so it runs through the script. this will show that you have everything installed for the prereqs. It's on the other DVDs, not DVD1.

- Add your accounts to AD and follow the document.

- Did I mention follow the installation guide?

- All good, proceed to CUICA folder on DVD1, run the only VBS script at the bottom. Dont surf around the folders looking for it. It's in the root of that CUICA folder.

- This will then go through and run through the installation, perm wizards (download the newest version). select mailstores, datastore, etc

Sorry for the sarcasm about the install document, but it's worth the read even though it's huge.

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