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Custom Call Handlers in Unity 5.0 -- possible?


The call handling model in Unity really drives me crazy. In CUE I was able to create simple and straightforward call handling applications -- here it is impossible.

I am trying to solve a simpliest task: User hears a standard prompt: "Hello, you are calling to... Please enter an extension or wait for operator". My customer does not want to press some keys to enter Caller System Transfer. He even does not want to hear a prompt saying one more time "please enter an extension". The outside user is already instructed to do so in the main greeting.

Is it possible to realize following:

1. The user hears interruptible prompt. He can dial 4-digit extension during this prompt and will be transferred directly to the dialed extension.

2. 5-second timeout

3. Transfer to operator

I have successfully realized 2 and 3, but I have no idea how to realize 1 without using this weird Caller System Transfer.

Thank you!


Re: Custom Call Handlers in Unity 5.0 -- possible?

Hi -

Yes, you can customize Unity call handlers in Unity 4.x and 5.x. Is the main greeting you are talking about that outside callers reach Unity's Opening Greeting or one you created yourself? The default Opening Greeting comes out of the box with specific settings you may want to change.

Here's what I would suggest:

1. Create new call handler with extension you have configured in CCM for CTI route point to Unity. This is coded on the Profile page for the handler, including any specific schedule you want applied.

2. On the call transfer page, set "No, send directly to this handler's greeting"

3. On the greetings page, record a greeting. Enable the check box "Allow caller input during greeting". In the After greeting action on the same page, specify the subscriber who is acting as the Operator.

4. On the caller input page, check the box "Allow callers to dial an extension during greeting". Then select "Ignore" for all the keys on the same page.

5. You can ignore the messages page because you did not select Take a message in step 3.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Custom Call Handlers in Unity 5.0 -- possible?

Hi, Ginger!

Thank you for reply.

I am alredy done with the operator part of the script. I have did it as you suggested.

I am experiencing problems with extension input. The way you have suggested will work only when all my users have Unity mailbox. But only half of my users do have them. The external caller must be able to dial any extension inside the organisation. And this action can be accomplished only using Caller System Transfer, which is undesirable, due to excess actions, needed to enter an extension.

Do you know, where may I find the script which realizes CST? I will try to edit it yo skip those excess actions.

Cisco Employee

Re: Custom Call Handlers in Unity 5.0 -- possible?


You could add the remaining users as Internet Subscribers. This gives them the same transfer options like regular subscribers so that you can reach them from any Call Handler, no need to route through Call System Transfer. Internet Subscribers do not get mailboxes or burn license seats.


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Re: Custom Call Handlers in Unity 5.0 -- possible?

Thank you, Eric.

This is really good idea. I will try it tomorrow.

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