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Customize "..wait whilst I transfer you call.." message ?

I have a number of Call Handlers defined in Unity, during a transfer action from that Call Handler, the user hears a system announcement "..wait whilst I transfer you call.." - can I replace this recording with one of our own (to make the announcements sound more consistent) ?

Cisco Employee

Re: Customize "..wait whilst I transfer you call.." message ?

This isn't TAC supported, of course, and upgrades will replace the prompt with the original system one, but you can edit the "Please wait while I transfer your call prompt" by rerecording this prompt:


No reboot or anything like that should be required. I'd make a backup of the original prompt just in case you want to go back or this isn't the guy you really wanted to change. You can also pull it from the original install CD if you get in a jam.

As a side note - you can find all the prompt wording for all prompts in the PROMPT.INI files in the \localize\prompts\ENU\G711\xxx directories - just search on the string you're looking for across all .INI files in that folder tree and it should come up with the prompt name you're looking for.

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Re: Customize "..wait whilst I transfer you call.." message ?

Is there a way to achieve the same in Unity Connection?

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