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New Member

Customize Termination Warning (Unity Connection)

Is it possible to customize the termination warning in Unity Connection? The warning tone sounds more like you're at the end of the message rather then still being able to keep talking for a period of time. It would be better if we could record something to match the warning time ... "you have 10 seconds to complete this message" or something like that.

I don't see a handler that might help in any way either.

Our old Siemens could do this, so, there is some expectation that Cisco could do the same.

Cisco Employee

Re: Customize Termination Warning (Unity Connection)

It's not done through a handler - the media layer does a half duplex beep (i.e. so it doesn't get recorded in the message) directly - it's not tied to a handler greeting or the like that you can edit.

New Member

Re: Customize Termination Warning (Unity Connection)

Hi, I am trying to find someone who uses this feature and can answer a question. We have this implemented, however when the wave file warning is played, the caller listens to this and then will finish their message. The amount of time that the warning message plays, is recorded as silence in the user mailbox. Have you had any luck with this?

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