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database communication error message when moving to a new server

We have the following scenario.

We are running 6.1.5 MCS servers and want to upgrade to 8.6.2 in a VM environment.

The old cluster and the new one will have different IP Address.

To not disrupt the production environment; we built a VM and installed 6.1.5 (publisher); then we took a DRS backup from the production publisher and issue a restore from the new publisher. At this point we should have a replica of the old system in the new environment. The idea is then to upgrade this new publisher to 8.2.6 and have an inter-cluster link to slowly move the phones from the old system to the new one. Some changes will have to be made to the dial plan, but we are aware of that.

The problem.

When we restore the backup copy from the old system to the new system, we are unable to logon to the administration web page. I can get to the OS web page and CLI, but not the administration one. The message “database communication error appears”. I have tried few things suggested online to no luck.  The database service shows down and I cannot restart it. One of the suggestions is to move back to the old IP address and then go through the “IP change” steps once again. The only problem is that the old IP address is the one for the production publisher. I guess I will have isolate this server somehow.

I don’t think we are doing anything special. It is a valid scenario where someone wants to move the publisher to newer hardware and a different IP address.

Thanks for any help.

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database communication error message when moving to a new server

Hi there,

This does seem like a very valid process to be sure

I'm guessing that the fix is shown in "Solution 1" in this doc;



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