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Database Communication Error

I have a MCS7835I2  version 7.1.2 right out of the box, and learning the system in the lab, I decied to change the server name and now can no longer log into the CUCM Adminsitration GUI with the acount I had created, instead getting a Database communication error message in the top left portion of the GUI. How do I recover from this?


Re: Database Communication Error


1) Is this a cluster or a standalone server?

2) Which name did you change - CCM Name (i.e., from CCM Admin GUI) or Hostname (from Platform GUI or CLI)?

3) In either case, did you reboot the server after changing the name?  If not - you need to do that.


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Re: Database Communication Error

It is a standalone server, I changed  Hostname from  the Platform GUI (at least this is what I though I did). I did not have this log in issue until I uploaded the appliance license.  I have rebooted serveral times and did try from the CLI to set/reset  network hostname (this resulted in the system rebooting itself) This is a non production server so I'm not concerned about system recovery, I just want to get back on track, thanks in advance

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