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DBreplication problems: Publisher vs Subscriber CCM 6.1.2

Hi all:

I was changing up the IP of mi CCM 6 cluster (publisher and a subscriber), but i see that doing that don't works wright, i decided to undo the changes that i done.

But now with the same configuration than before the publisher don't detects ok the subscriber.

In the subscriber i watch that the database is replicated but i watch it in my CM group both (publisher and subscriber).

I have the same parameters in my publisher.

But when via CLI in the publisher i perform an "show network cluster" it only appears my publisher and not my subscriber.

But in CLI doing the same instruction i obtain the publisher and ther subscriber.

What can i do?

How can i do to replicate correctly the database publisher in my subscriber.

Also when i execute "utils dbreplication status" in my publisher i obtain this response:

This command reads and writes database information from all machines and will take quite some time...please be patient.


-------------------- utils dbreplication status --------------------

Status cannot be performed when replication is down on the publisher, or on a cluster with a single active node; aborting replication status check operation

Output is in file cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.184115.out


Thanks in advance.

If you need more detail dont hesitate an Please tell me.


Re: DBreplication problems: Publisher vs Subscriber CCM 6.1.2

I would probably stop the services on the Subscriber, restart the Publisher, then restart the Subscriber and see if it syncs back up. you can try and run more CLIs to fix the issue, but possibly just starting and stopping the servers in the correct sequence will correct the problem.

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Re: DBreplication problems: Publisher vs Subscriber CCM 6.1.2


A colleague of mine had a very similar issue but this was not due to a change being made to any variables but rather after an upgrade.

The PUB upgraded successfully, the SUB then upgraded successfully. The problem that arose was that the Subsriber seemed to disappear and the same message was received from replication status in CLI. This was even after a reset and a repair.

In all honesty, I think the easy & quick way would be to re-install the subscriber. :|

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Re: DBreplication problems: Publisher vs Subscriber CCM 6.1.2

Thanks for all your responses:

Finally i done the last as davidjani said.

I re-intalled, everything (publisher and subscriber) and now all work fine.

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