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dbWalker 1681:(error)

In preparation for a Unity 4.05 to Unity Connection conversion I ran dbWalker version:4.0.57 and received the following error for 800 or so subscribers

1681:(error) no MWI device found with an alias='MWI-1'

0:(fixed) Added new MWI-1 notification device for subscriber

These subscribers had, and looks like they still have, a working MWI extension, looks the fix is adding a new MWI Extension with the extension blank.

I have tried deleting it but when I run DBWalker again it generates the error and puts it back in. This does not seem to be effecting anything but I am trying to get my data as clean as possible before our migration attempt.


Cisco Employee

Re: dbWalker 1681:(error)

Not sure which one you mean you're deleting here...

short version is there should always be an MWI device with an alias of "MWI-1" - this is the primary MWI device for subscribers - others can be named whatever but by convention are MWI-2 etc... some clients will be looking for MWI-1 in particular.

As such when dbWalker is cruising thorugh subscriber checks it looks for that and if it doesn't find it, it creates it. So rather than deleting that one if you want the error to go away, configure it and delete the other (curious what it's called in the DB) - there were some bugs with subscriber templates way back (4.0(5) counts as "way back" I guess) that had new users created with incorrect notification device aliases.

but to be clear there really isn't any potential for much damage here - the notifier could care less what the alias of the MWI device is - it rockets through all of them and triggers on/off events regardless of what they're called so other than having clean DBWalker runs there's nothing to worry about here.

Community Member

Re: dbWalker 1681:(error)

I was deleting the new blank MWI-1 alias so it makes sense that dbWalker would add it back in. I think what happened is back in the day we were setting up a QSIG integration and had a lot of problems with MWI. The fix was to delete the MWI and rebuild and this cleared up most of the problems for some reason. It must have built them as something other then MWI-1

Here is what the NotificationMWI Alias looks like for one of the subscribers in CUDLE:


Thanks for the response. I just wanted to make sure I am not impacting current operations. which it is obious I am not and that this will cause no problems with my COBRA migration.


Cisco Employee

Re: dbWalker 1681:(error)

shouldn't have any impact on COBRAS - just checked both the export and import code and no instance of "mwi-1" shows up.

the naming convention in Connection is completely different anyway so it just tosses all the MWI's found in the back up into the table one at a time and lets the stored proc name them how it will.

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