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Dbwalker Errors before upgrade 4.0(5)

Hi All,

Before upgrading to 4.0(5) from 4.0(4)Sr1 I running DBwalker which basically gives erros against all subscribers as :

Handler Alias=ch_ABE-Address

Jump to the subscriber for this primary call handler in the SA using this link: Open SA to this subscriber

Voice name path= - no voice names for primary call handlers -

Extension= 6908

Handler language set to 'inherited'

1205:(error) This call handler references a missing location object with an ID={E80812A7-E3E9-433B-8A55-233CF3023666}

You will have to remove and rebuild this call handler (or subscriber if this is a primary call handler) to clear this problem. If you can't delete the handler or subscriber in the SA you can remove the row in the 'CallHandler' table in the UnityDB database in SQL directly.


The LocationObjectID ID does not exsist in the GlobalLocation or Location table.

I have carefully tried (backed up before hand) to change the LocationObjectID in the Location table the match the value in the CallHandler table for LocationObjectID but still I get all these errors.

Is there any way around this other than to delete the subscriber and to add them back again ?


Cisco Employee

Re: Dbwalker Errors before upgrade 4.0(5)

Presumably you deleted a location object in the directory along the way? That's kinda bad... changing the Id on the location object isn't as easy as it sounds since references to it are everywhere in the registry and such since other services dealing with the directory and object synching need to know this. Further, objects in the directory (subscribers, DLs) are "stamped" with this ID as well which is how Unity knows those users are its own.

I'm further assuming you recreated a location object or synched the default objects back in to the DB? Just wanting to make sure I understand how your system got to where it is.

I'm even further assuming that ALL objects are having a problem, not just subscribers, right? If the primary location object has been deleted and recreated all objects in SQL will be effectively cut adrift. This wont directly affect much of the functioning of Unity's call processing but your networking capability is going to be completely gone and many tools will become confused.

And, of course, I'm finally assuming there's no backup to work with...

If my assumptions about how you got here are correct I'd strongly suggest you open a case with TAC - working through the issues of such a case on the forum are going to be difficult at best.

New Member

Re: Dbwalker Errors before upgrade 4.0(5)

Hi Jeff,

I changed back the object ID afterwards as that was all I changed, the system came to me in this state (is working at the moment, but I do not fancy my chances if Unity is restrted) from the customer and I backed it up before I made any changes.

Thanks for the advice I will open up a TAC case on this.

Best regards,


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