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Dedicate International Line for only International Calls.

There is dedicated International line which can be used for Local as well, i want to restrict this for only International calls.

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You will have to play with you CSS, make Sure the line CSS and Device CSS dont have access to Local Route pattern and only have access to International Route pattern within CUCM.

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Create a second line on the

Create a second line on the phone is you want. call it "international only".

give it a CSS that only contains the route patters that you use for international calls, so leave out local, std and internal.

that should work

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First of all I'm assuming you mean by line, is an FXO/ E1/ T1.

It can be achieved, but the method depends on the gateway type:

1. If the Gateway is MGCP: you can either create a separate Route Group/ Route List and add the  line into that RG, then in the International Route Pattern, select the RL. Or if you do not want to create RG/ RL, you can choose the line directly under International Route Pattern directly.

2. If the Gateway SIP/ H323: assign a separate trunk-group to that line and under International Dial-peer route the calls to the created trunk-group as below:

voice-port 0/0/1
 trunk-group International

dial-peer voice 10 pots
 trunkgroup International
 description "International numbers"
 destination-pattern 900.T

P.S. In both ways make sure the line is not used by other Route Patterns/ Dial-peers to route the local calls.

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